3 Simple Plans

Get Petra on your team from as little as $49 per month. Our pricing is clear and easy to understand. How many people in your office? How many leases do you manage?


Per Month
For growing businesses
10 users
50 active leases
5GB storage
Premium reports
Email support


Email us
For property moguls
20+ users
100+ active leases
10GB+ storage
Enterprise reports
Phone & email support

Any Questions?

If you have questions at all about pricing, features, support or need more information about anything else, just send us an email or reach out on Twitter @petra_app and we'll get back to you right away.

Lara Appelhans


The fact that you've gone and realised what was in my head is amazing. I couldn't have hoped for more really.

Lara Appelhans, Senior Property Analyst
Jim Ensor

VERY exciting!

I would rate this new platform as better than anything in the world, and I have never said that about anything before.

Jim Ensor, Co-Founder