Petra Knows Property

Whether you work alone or with a team of experts, we guarantee you've never hired anyone quite like Petra. Deep industry knowledge combined with powerful machine learning means that Petra was born smart and just keeps on getting smarter. Whether you are managing commercial, retail, government or residential property, Petra can free you up to get the job done faster, more reliably, and at a dramatically lower cost.


Let Petra keep track of all the details of every leasable space in your portfolio. A flexible multi-level property structure fits the way you work. A complete property register with everything you need at your fingertips — addresses, areas, owners, key contacts, insurance, maintenance and more.


We all know that leases are at the heart of property management, and Petra loves leases with all her heart. We also know that lease agreements can vary widely, so we've made it simple to record everything from parties, premises, terms, and options to the all-important rental charges. It's all in there.


Accurately capturing, tracking and accounting for every charge associated with renting property can be a tricky task. The kind of job that can keep you up at night. You can relax now because Petra never sleeps and calculating rent is what she does best. Every transaction, every time.


Property lasts and the property lifecycle is measured in days, months and years. Missing key dates can cost you serious money. Tell Petra once and she never forgets. Intelligent alerts remind you when you need to take action, and even learn when and how you like to be contacted. Can your spreadsheet or diary do that?


Because Petra is the product of over 20 years of experience in the property industry, she has learnt a thing or two about how to get things done and get them done right. Follow her best practice checklists, or build your own. Share, assign and track key tasks and processes to work better with Petra on your team.


Petra is a personality, not a person, but she knows one thing for certain: property is nothing without people. People own, buy, sell, rent, maintain and manage property, and they do it together. Petra not only keeps track of everyone's contact details for you, but can even help you reach out when the time is right.

The Petra Process

4 Steps for Property Success
  1. Enter your property

    Easily enter or import all your property data into secure cloud storage. Everything you share with Petra is 100% private. Your business is your business.

  2. Manage your portfolio

    Start managing your property right away. There's nothing to install. Follow best practice checklists to get things done right every time. Or build your own process.

  3. Petra learns

    As you work, Petra tirelessly takes note of every event that occurs across the entire property lifecycle. You can even connect events from your other business systems.

  4. Petra suggests

    Using her years of experience and powerful machine intelligence, Petra proactively recommends the best strategy for growth, helping you to make better decisions.