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Started in 2016 and based in Melbourne, Australia, Petra is built and supported by a small team with a lot of experience. Petra is powered by Progenesis, the #1 Australian supplier of property management software, with over 20 years of experience. Our team had a vision for a new kind of property management software. Petra is the reality: software that doesn't just store data about your property, but actively helps you to manage it.

Our Mission

Software Helping People

We believe that business software should make your work life easier. Yet so often we see just the opposite. We designed Petra to be an intelligent virtual colleague that you can always rely on. Petra works with you, not against you. Together you can get the job done.

People Working Smarter

Petra is an expert at recording and remembering all the tiny details of the property you manage. With Petra on your team, you can free up your brain to do what it does best: thinking about how to grow your business. Take a deep breath and let the ideas flow.

People Working Together

Construction may be about bricks and mortar, but property management is a far more social activity. Petra offers a platform that you can use to reach out to all the people you work with: property owners, landlords, tenants, agents, contractors, and more.

People Working Anywhere

These days we expect access to our business data wherever we are, whenever we need it. Whether you are on-site, on the move, or in the office, Petra can go with you. From laptop legend to pocket rocket. Need to find an address? Contact someone? Just ask.

Key People

Jim Ensor

Jim Ensor

Co-Founder / Director

A seasoned businessman with deep knowledge of technology for the property industry. Jim built Progenesis from the ground up, and now brings all his experience and vision to the birth of Petra.

Adrian Edwards

Adrian Edwards

Co-Founder / Product Lead

Over 20 years of international experience building software for business and government. Adrian saw the opportunity to apply cloud computing power to property management.

Naurin Ramay

Naurin Ramay

Product Engineer

A founding team-member with strong customer insights and a research background in data security and privacy. Naurin is a driving force behind the Petra platform.

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