Get to Know Petra



Behind the scenes, Petra uses the latest machine learning and big data analytics to take the guesswork out of managing property. A real smart cookie.



Petra is powered by Progenesis, Australia's #1 supplier of property management software with over 20 years of experience. Petra knows all the tricks of the trade.



A colourful personality with a lot to say for herself. Bold, bright and responsive. Petra automatically learns and adapts to the way you work, wherever you work.

The Petra Process

4 Steps for Property Success
  1. Enter your property

    Easily enter or import all your property and lease data into secure cloud storage. Everything you share with Petra is 100% private. Your business is your business.

  2. Manage your portfolio

    Start managing your property right away. There's nothing to install. Follow best practice checklists to get things done right every time. Or build your own process.

  3. Petra learns

    As you work, Petra tirelessly takes note of every event that occurs across the entire property lifecycle. You can even connect events from your other business systems.

  4. Petra suggests

    Using her years of experience and powerful machine intelligence, Petra proactively recommends the best strategy for growth, helping you to make better decisions.

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Lara Appelhans


The fact that you've gone and realised what was in my head is amazing. I couldn't have hoped for more really.

Lara Appelhans, Senior Property Analyst
Jim Ensor

VERY exciting!

I would rate this new platform as better than anything in the world, and I have never said that about anything before.

Jim Ensor, Co-Founder